our 8 step service    

From creating a design to seeing the project right through to completion, we can help you at any of the steps on your journey to create your alpine dream.  

project feasibility stage

design feasibility & concepts  

develop design & architectural plans

  • develop your brief
  • survey your existing property & create plans of it as it is now
  • commission a topographic plan - this provides accurate levels of the land for your site
  • meet your local mairie to discuss the concepts to find out what’s feasible
  • create plans & drawings to show you our initial ideas
  • create simple 3D models to help you understand how the spaces will feel
  • discuss your sustainability aspirations
  • advise you on the other consultants that might be needed, e.g. engineers

  • refine the plans based on your feedback and integrate with consultants work - e.g. structural engineer
  • produce elevations, sections and floor plans
    • Elevations = a drawing that shows the front or side of something
    • Floor plan = as if you are looking down on the room from the ceiling (gives you the chance to see everything from the other viewpoints) 
    • A section = the view of the building as if it has been sliced in half, useful as it gives a view through the spaces
  • create initial specifications for materials and give advice on building materials
  • refine programme and costs 
  • listen to your needs & ideas
  • guide you on overall building works budget for your ideas
  • come up with a range of ideas
  • explain the next steps & processes involved with planning and building in France
  • advise on project programme and timings
  • issue you with our understanding of your brief so we can check it's all correct
  • issue you an estimate ('honoraires') for our work

technical design

planning application

tender process  

  • create technical working drawings -   example
  • produce specifications for contractors
  • integrate with specialists - e.g. internal swimming pool
  • coordinate construction programme
  • search subcontractors and artisans
  • produce and issue tender documents
  • review received quotes
  • brief trades
  • due diligence
  • issue building contracts​
  • finalise design drawings
  • commission ​​thermal study (RT2012)
  • commission waste water study
  • ​create visualis
  • submit planning pack - 'permis de construire' or 'déclaration préalable' 



  • address any quote revisions
  • advise on client site insurance (dommages-ouvrage)
  • produce schedules of works
  • provide site management 
  • site inspections and progress reviews
  • ​oversee offsite manufacturing 
  • ​administration of building contracts
  • help with utilities set up
  • advise on furnishing
  • facilitate site closure
  • obtain certification
  • defects resolution
  • ​building handover

other information sources

You may find it helpful to read the following advice about working with an architectural practice such as AlpStudio. You can read the guide to working with an architect from the RIBA here and the Ordre des Architectes here