1. North elevation, before & after views
    New Chalet, Open Plan Kitchen, internal view
  2. Before & after, long view
    Before & after, long view
  3. South elevations, 517m2 chalet
    South elevations, new 517m2 chalet
  4. West elevation
    West elevation
  5. North elevation, before & after views
    North elevation, before & after views
  6. East elevation, before & after views
    East elevation, before & after views
  7. Before & after view of new chalet
    Before & after view of new chalet
  8. Existing views of plot, existing chalet to be demolished
    Existing views of plot with old chalet, demolished
  9. A new luxurious chalet in Samoens
    Very luxurious chalet | Samoens




517m² |  Samoëns  
This client purchased a large plot of land (4,400m2) with an existing 1960s chalet on it. The client's brief was to create the best three uber luxurious chalets in Samoëns!

For the first chalet (517m2) the brief was for 5 or 6 large ensuite bedrooms, games room, cinema, open plan living areas, large glazing, and later, an indoor swimming pool. The existing chalet was a typical 1960s style with small internal spaces and windows. The new design has two connected buildings, one with all the bedrooms and bathrooms whilst the other is home to the leisure rooms and areas including the swimming pool and gym. With a sub-level for the garage and entrance area, the overall property has seven different levels within it which creates interest and breaks up the space. In the first picture in our slideshow, the chalet is the three buildings, right of centre.

A lot of liaison and negotiation with the Samoëns mairie was required as this project was the biggest domestic chalet project in the valley at that time. We worked closely with the mairie at all stages and took on board their need for the building to be grounded by bringing in a lot of hardlandscaping so the properties fit more into the mountain. Initially a bit reluctant to have the large amount of glazing, the mairie appreciated the aesthetics and we obtained permission for this chalet and went on to gain permissions for the other two chalets on the plot.