1. elevation showing west facade
    west elevation
  2. east facade elevation
    east elevation
  3. Traditional alpine farmhouse elevation showing the new south facade
    South elevation
  4. elevation of north facade
    north elevation
  5. Before & after, south east facade
    Before & after, south east facade
  6. Before & after, west facade
    Before & after, west facade




560m² | ​ Taninges
These clients were moving to the Alps from another area in France and they chose the historic village of Taninges for their new family home. The property chosen was a traditional Savoyarde farmhouse dating back to 1780 and converted previously into two apartments with an unused grange (loft). The brief was to make one family home and bring the heart back to the building. The internal layouts were in need of major updating and there was not an option to extend the building. Differing floor levels and layouts had to be redesigned to be integrated whilst retaining as much of the original structure as possible to keep control of spend.

As to be expected, external changes had to be respectful of traditional building aesthetics in the area and this was particuarly important because this building came under the remit of the ABF (architectes de batiment de France - the equivalent of English Heritage) and their approval was mandatory. Access to the farmhouse was reworked to take vehicles off the road whilst taking into consideration the bend in the road outside the chalet. The garage was also redesigned to be partially set underground so as to maximise views from the farmhouse.  

Andy Wilson prepared the detailed design and plans for us for the renovation of an old farmhouse and grange in Haute-Savoie.  We found him to be extremely professional, friendly and helpful right from the start of the project and he helped us develop our initial ideas into a full design with budget estimates. He prepared and submitted all of the documentation required to successfully obtain the Permis de Construire from the Mairie. He was always willing to support and advise us through the whole process. We would highly recommend Andy for any renovation design work.                               Chris & Kirsty - Taninges